If we were looking down at the Earth right now we                                             would see a planet undergoing massive transition in technology, work, society and the planet itself. Many are aware of the problems we are facing as 40-70% of jobs are lost to automation by 2035, but not putting the pieces together in a way that allows us to think beyond today to plan for a successful 'post-work' future where soon humans may be seeing Earth not just from near-space, but from Mars and beyond.

FUTURE-U.ORG is here to help:

ADVICE > available in person and online via video conferencing, and soon online courses
WORKSHOPS > training experiences that are truly immersive and lead by experts
FRAMEWORKS > big picture maps of how learners (students and workers) can become future-proof COMMUNITY > a nexus of support for those beginning to transition and for those who are already on their way



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  • TECH > Anxiety about how to keep up, choose and use tech properly is at an all time high. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is forecast to replace 40-70% of jobs in next 15 years, Bio-tech will soon see the functions of our smartphones implanted in our bodies, and as soon as space mining becomes feasible, immeasurable economic changes will begin to impact nations world-wide.
  • WORK > Permanent, fixed jobs are disappearing in what is becoming known as the 'Great Displacement' - but learning how to make one's own job as short-term work and consulting becomes the norm is no easy task. These changes are being driven by new tech such as AI, with the resulting job uncertainty and feelings of economic disadvantage leaving many to wonder what skills they really do need now.
  • LIFE and SOCIETY > As Work changes, this in turn creates growing social unrest that is already manifesting in political unpredictability and paralysis in many nations.
  • PLANET > In addition to rapid change in technology, work and society, changes to our living environments from population growth and pollution are accelerating loss of bio-diversity and sources of food and water
  • EDUCATION > The speed of technological change means Education is increasingly preparing students only for yesterday, with little hope of catching up.


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