you may want to consider a program that combines several elements across four potential packages:

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Innovation and Planning Package: Up to 10 days (which could be across one school term) of guiding your staff (and students) through how to foster a culture of creativity and innovation through the use of the SAMR model and Challenge Based Learning, as well as how to incorporate such thinking into a detailed project plan that integrates technology deeply into learning.

Preparing Your Project Package: Up to 10 days of working with your leadership team and selected staff (and student) champions to mentor them through preparing your project to move from plans to implementation to achieve maximum success. Includes assistance with preparing support resources and meeting with key partners and stake holders.

Implementing Your Project Package: Up to 10 days of supporting your staff through the implementation stage of your project to assist with trouble-shooting, additional staff training, creating additional support resources, and preparing to publish your end-products.

Evaluating Your Project Package: Up to 10 days of gathering reflective data and evaluate footage and artefacts to be packaged into a project report. This can further be developed into an online showcase and integrated with assistance to publish the projects end-products.

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