First there were 50+ advisors and experts from 11 countries, and then...

We grew into a community.

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The response to the pro-active Future-U mindset of 'helping learners know how to dream up their own jobs, vocations and teams' has been huge. In response, we are building the Future-u Community to:

1. Bring together leaders and experts from the Education AND Work AND Science AND engineering AND Employment worlds so our response is big picture and holistic enough to make the kind of difference that is needed.

2. Provide spaces for discussions so new solutions and pro-active mindsets can emerge to help us meet our goal of impacting 100,000 learners.

From private Slack channels for messaging and chatting, to face to face meet ups, discussions and the 'Best Of Awards', this community provides a range of ways to achieve these goals... together.

YOU can join by:

Contributing to the Future-U Community Fund that enables us to grow and support all our members here:

We look forward to having you make a dent with us!

Contact us to find out more, or to join by contributing in other ways.