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A. Intro | B. What? | C. Who? | D. Why? SAMR model + What would students say? | E. HOW?


                        - Geoff Ellwood

                       - Geoff Ellwood


  • Last 10 years has seen the digitalisation of education
  • Much focus has moved to online and the cloud
  • iBeacons can bring back a sense of local contact and the importance of physical movement and location
  • iBeacons act as bluetooth emitters. Apps listen for specific beacons then trigger pre-programmed notifications, actions and experiences on your device
  • Requires bluetooth to be turned on, and an app installed 


C. WHO and how?

  • Paul Hamilton - Matthew Flinders Anglican School • LINK

  • Geoff Ellwood & School eLockers LINK

  • iClevedon LINK

  • Kuwait school LINK

  • UN exhibit LINK



Explore > Can iBeacons re-connect device-enhanced learning to physical world?

  1. Examine one of the links above, or find your own link

  2. Add a response to

  3. Add another response i.e. 'What would students say?'

Explore > The SAMR model of technology integration provides a useful framework to audit how wearables might be used in education.

1. What is the SAMR model?

> Substitution > Augmentation > Modification > Redefinition

  • SAMR explained in 120 seconds • LINK
  • SAMR compared to Blooms Taxonomy • LINK

2. As a group, match the use cases above with the SAMR levels using the SAMR Journey template • LINK

E. HOW to get started?

1. Get some beacons

  • Bluecat, Kontakt or Estimote (iOS), Lightcurb (iOS + Android),
  • OR any laptop or mobile device (with Bluetooth 4.0)

2. EASY: Beecon app • LINK 

  • Also try Lightcurb • LINK

3. MEDIUM: Beecondo • LINK

4. HARD: Learn to code! Or pay a developer (Crowdsify)



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